Blackberry Coulis

Having only been living in Seattle one month, I’m still constantly surprised by the amount of food that grows in this city. Every time I go out for a harvest, one thing I find in abundance is blackberries. I hate the thought of all this incredible food going to waste, so one thing that’s going to be on my mind this summer is how to use the crazy amount of blackberries I’m finding. DSC_0759 The first recipe I have to offer: Blackberry Coulis. A very simple, delicious, high in antioxidant sauce that tastes amazing on just about anything sweet. We ate it on frozen custard, but it would also be delicious with mascarpone on your breakfast toast. Recipe as follows: 2 cups Water ½ cup Sugar 3 tablespoons Honey 1 teaspoon Cinnamon 5 Cloves 2 tablespoons Lemon Juice 3 cups Blackberries Method: Bring water, sugar, honey and lemon juice to boil on stove, the turn down the heat and let simmer until it turns to syrup. Blend the blackberries (and sift out the seeds if you don’t like them). Mix syrup and blackberries together on low heat and let cool. End result: Delicious. DSC_0426 Hint:: Every time I make anything with sugar, I try and substitute as much as possible with honey. Simply because sugar is in just about everything we eat, it’s much to easy to over-consume and it’s effects on the body are only just starting to be understood. Honey is a great sweetener and has such a smooth flavor, in most instances, it does exactly the same job.


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