Fermentation Fun:: Sauerkraut

Can you believe I only discovered sauerkraut since moving to America?! Crazy, right? Well fermentation and pickling generally don’t have the same robust following in Australia as they do in the States, I had never heard of either of them until  a few months back. But I am SO glad I did, because I’m completely hooked. And the best news is, it’s incredibly good for you (read more about the health benefits of fermented foods here). If you’re new to fermentation, the best place to start is with Sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut is so frieken delicious, I eat it with just about everything. My palette cannot get enough of the tangy taste and with so many varieties, I think it’s going to be a while before I’m done with it. At the moment I’m only making really basic varieties, so I can understand and appreciate the flavours as they evolve.

Here’s a recipe to start:
1 medium green or purple cabbage
1 tablespoon caraway seeds
1 tablespoon sea salt

Mix the cabbage, caraway seeds and salt in a large bowl
Pound the cabbage (or squeeze with your hands) until it releases some of its juices, usually about 10 mins
Pack the cabbage into two 1quart canning jars
Press down firmly until the juices rise over the cabbage
Cover jars tightly and let sauerkraut ferment at room temperature in an area away from direct sunlight for about 3 days.

Here’s an example of the types of meals we are eating at the moment:

Homegrown lettuce, lemon quinoa, two fried eggs in coconut oil, sauerkraut, fermented carrots, and cottage cheese with almond butter dressing and gomasio on top. Amazingly tasty and super clean food.



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