Coffee Lavender Body Scrub

I’ve been wanting to try making my own beauty products for a long time now. I’ve always been cautious about buying supermarket products with synthetic chemicals, after my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was little. We now know the relationship they have to cancer, but products that don’t contain the naughty petro-chemicals can also be frustratingly expensive. I suggest trying to make a couple of your own products if this is something you struggle with also, they feel beautiful on your skin and you can make them to match exactly what you like!

This coffee lavender body scrub is a lovely exfoliant. I use it every few days after I sauna at the gym, it leaves your skin silky smooth with a tiny amount of reside from the coconut oil, which I LOVE. Jake loves it as well, I had to teach him what exfoliating actually was, but now he’s completely hooked.


1/2 cup raw sugar

1/2 cup ground coffee

1/3 cup chopped lavender

1 cup coconut oil


All you need to do is mix it all up and pack it into a jar.



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