Feeling Through The Seasons Change

I’m only just starting to feel and realise how much I change with the seasons, how much I am like nature and should do as nature does.

During the winter the days were short, cold and rainy. The trees lost all their leaves and everything seemed to move back to bare minimum. Trees could rely on their branches in the winter, so they stayed, but the leaves died off. Some plants died off completely. Nature lets die what must in winter. Sometimes forever, sometimes only temporarily.

Winter for me bought with it a desire to do very little beyond watch movies, read and play at home with my loves. I haven’t had a lot of creative energy, there’s been little photography, cooking, writing or art in general, it’s felt like a time of stasis. Inactivity, but with equilibrium. An opportunity to feel the heaviness and grounding of my body and do little else.  Life focused internally, where nothing was produced from me, but all kept inside brewing, waiting.  Winter is a beautiful opportunity to do as nature does, and let die what must in order to find equilibrium. Which I did, I think.

The change from winter to spring has never felt so pronounced. What was death for three months became life right in front of my eyes. I’ve watched day by day as the trees have started to grow their leaves back and the flowers started to sprout. Change. “The stasis is over” the seasons tell me. Whether I’m ready or not, life goes on, it’s time for what’s next. Spring is drawing me out of myself, back out into the world. I love how it feels, like pure potentiality. Nature seeds in Spring. She knows if ten seeds are planted, five will sprout, but only two will eventually turn into plants that thrive through the summer. That is Spring, planting season.

So that’s what I’ll be doing this Spring. Planting seeds. Capitalising on the energy of potentiality and sowing for sowing’s sake.


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